Grant UV Cabinet UVT/B-AR

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  • UV surface irradiation – via single 25W 254nm open UV lamp
  • Patented high intensity UV air cleaner – 25 m3/hour cleaner recirculator continuous air flow with 1cm UV irradiation distance
  • UV exposure control – 24 hour digital timer
  • Built-in power socket
  • UV protection - UV protective film on glass panels
  • Convenient, easy to use digital timer for accurate control of UV exposure
  • White lamp provides local illumination of the workplace to optimise visual control during operations
  • Shock proof glass front, stainless steel sides, metal framework and stainless steel work surface
  • Patented built-in UV cleaner recirculator prevents unwanted contamination and protects the user from direct UV light during manipulation
  • Second UV lamp disinfects the working area, inactivating DNA/RNA fragments during 15-30 min of exposure. Automatic switch-off when door is opened
  • Contains an integral power socket