Pipette Controller bibbyjet pro PC2002

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Just two buttons for every function
One full working day of pipetting without recharging
Membrane filter and non return valve
Wall support

Powerful, lightweight and handy - the automatic Bibbyjet Pro has just two function buttons to give you complete control over filling and delivery. Gently or powerfully, the built-in dual controls allow you to take up liquid slowly or quickly, whatever your needs.

The built-in non return valve combined with a membrane filter effectively protects against penetration of liquids. The specially designed silicone adapter provides a tight fit for all glass or plastic pipettes from 0.1 to 100ml. The entire pipette adapter is autoclavable.

There is enough power in this compact unit to give you a full working day of pipetting without recharging. Utilizing new mobile phone technology the battery only requires 4 hours to fully recharge. The battery is easy to change by the user if it is damaged.

All Bibbyjet Pro's come complete with wall support and two spare 0.2ml membrane filters