Stuart Homogeniser Probes SHM/7

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SHM Probes

These homogeniser probes have been designed specifically for use with the Stuart® range of homogenisers.

The disposable probes are manufactured from robust polycarbonate, and can either be disposed of after each sample or autoclaved, up to seven times. Ideal where cross sample contamination is of concern. Please note that it is necessary to use the disposable probe adaptor SHM/ADAPT, available separately, to use these probes with both the SHM1 and SHM2.

The stainless steel probes are available in a variety of sizes to suit your processing needs, all are precision engineered and suitable for autoclaving. The stainless steel 5mm probe comes with a flat end, all other probes have a saw tooth end and are capable of processing hard or frozen tissue.